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The primary types of surveys conducted are ALTA, topographic, lot, acreage, floodplain and mortgage.

ALTA, or American Land Title Association, surveys are the most complete and are usually only required for commercial/industrial property acquisition and financing.

Lot and acreage surveys are the most common type of surveys and are used by homeowners as well as businesses for financing, property line determination and layout of proposed improvements.

Topographic surveys provide the client with contours along with utility information in addition to what is provided in a lot survey and are typically used for the design of improvements on the site.

A floodplain survey, required for construction near a floodplain and to determine if floodplain insurance is needed, indicates the elevation of the land in reference to the FEMA reference mark. The floodplain survey will also indicate the 100-year flood plain elevation for the site which determines lowest “livable” floor.

A mortgage survey is a tool used by financial institutions to economically verify property and improvements as part of a mortgage loan.  Since these do not establish property corners and can not be used for construction of a building, drive or fence they are only done for financial institutions and not for homeowners.