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Industrial Sites

TRC Refining – Dike 1603 2011 – 2012

Design tank option and containment dikes for 133,000 barrel, 150,000 and 175,000 barrel tank including 110% safety volume, earthwork cut-fill, retaining walls and asses piping protrusions, coordinate soil borings and OUPS response all within the City of Oregon, Lucas County, Ohio.

TRC Refining – Dispensary 2012-13

Site survey and civil design of various locations within the main refinery for the proposed Dispensary building. Work included civil design of infrastructure, title review of easements and restrictions, zoning compliance, cost-benefit analysis and coordinating architectural development, Oregon, Ohio.

Sunoco Refining – Brown Road Pump Station 2012-13

Boundary, topographic, utility and location survey of Part of the Southwest Quarter of Section 9, Town 10 South, Range 8 East, City of Oregon, Ohio. Coordinate Pipeline location and depth with respective operators and assist in permitting with the City of Oregon, Ohio.

Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority Jeep Parkway 2012

Title review and exhibit drawings for all easements encumbering the Jeep Parkway site. Create new access and utility easements. Update ALTA survey. Toledo, Ohio

Toledo Refining – Point of Transfer 2012

Site survey and prepare legal descriptions for ingress / egress and product transfer from main refinery to logistics. Toledo, Ohio

Chrysler- Warren Stamping and Assembly 2012

Location, topographic and utility survey of Warren Stamping and Assembly Plant for proposed addition, Warren, Michigan.

Morton Salt- Toledo ARMS Dock 2012

Stockpile Quantification of Morton Salt’s pile at the River Rouge Industrial Complex, Toledo, Ohio.

TRC Refining – Flare Dike 2012

Location, topographic and utility survey of existing flare dike to determine capacity for new tank. Work included design options for additional dikes and re-certification of dike cells. Oregon, Ohio.

TRC Refining – DOT Pipeline Compliance 2012

Site review of pipeline corridor for DOT and CFR Title 49 compliance. Obtain and place pipeline markers, warning stickers, test stations, roadway dots and curb markers. Update strip maps to reflect recent smart-pig and excavation maps, ownership and easement interests in Oregon and City of Toledo, Ohio.

Cherry Picked Auto- Bioswale 2012

Boundary, topographic, utility and location survey of Part of Section 12, T9S, R7E, City of Toledo. Full civil design including Special Use Permit required by Toledo Plan Commission and design of amended soil bioswale.

Morton Salt- Detroit Michigan 2012

Stockpile Quantification of Morton Salt’s pile at the River Rouge Industrial Complex, Detroit, Michigan.

TRC Refining –Tank 124 2012

Survey of pipelines and utitlies at Tank 124 and coordinate TO-10 review and soil borings, City of Oregon, Lucas County, Ohio

TRC Refining – Sphere 29 2012

High precision deflection survey of gas sphere 29 under loaded and partially loaded conditions to determine maximum deflection in sphere under varying degree days.

K-LTD Trucking- Toledo Logisitics 2012

Boundary and topographic survey of part of Section 13 & 14, T7N, R6E, City of Toledo, Special Use Plan for truck marshalling yard as required by Toledo Plan Commission. Full civil design including stormwater management, site grading, landscape plan and erosion control.

TRC Refining – C-Pad 8308 2012

Construction layout on refinery master coordinate system and datum for A.A. Boos Co in Oregon, Lucas County, Ohio.

Team Systems – Power Lines 2012

Boundary and location survey of existing electric service and determine spatial relationship to easement and right-of-ways, Toledo, Ohio

CSX Stanley Yard- Water Quality Improvements 2012

Site survey of existing storm water management facility at CSX facility in Walbrdige, Wood County, Ohio

True North Energy- Clayton Ohio, 2012

Site survey and civil design of 3500 square foot C-store, 10 pump island plus six diesel satellite island, stormwater management, state highway drop lane, site grading, erosion control, Special Use Permit for 4.05 acre site in Clayton, Ohio

TRC Refining – LAC 2012

Site survey of northern third of Tank Farm 2. Coordinate location and depth of Sun Pipeline 12” and 16” mains, Buckeye Pipeline main and Mid-Valley. Civil design of 2000 linear feet (4,406 cubic yards) of concrete pavement. Work included intersection details, pipeline clearance, new storm sewer conveyance, re-route existing sanitary sewer and fire protection mains, re-work existing dikes and re-certification, Coordinate traffic study and design intersection to meet ODOT and local traffic control requirements. Obtain permit approvals from the City of Oregon, Lucas County, Ohio

TRC Refining – Pump 417 2012

Coordinate Ohio Utility Protection Service Response markings in Tank Farm 2, City of Oregon, Lucas County, Ohio.

TRC – Crude 600 Tank 2012

Site Survey of existing dikes to determine capacity available to accommodate 600,000 barrel crude tank. Civil design include earthwork balance to meet 110% safety factor.

TRC Refining – Process Center 2012

Site survey and full civil design for new Process Center for annual training of employees and contractors. Work included sanitary sewer extension, storm water management, water tap, site grading, erosion control, and permitting. Coordination of soil borings and full architectural. Oregon, Ohio.

BP – Husky Reformer 3 – 2011

Provide construction control and bolt verification for pumps, heaters and support steel for Reformer 3 project, Oregon, Lucas County, Ohio.

TRC Refining Office Expansion 2011

Topographic, utility and location survey with site civil design of building, parking and utility improvements including cost estimate for site demolition and construction of proposed medical, office and warehouse space.

TRC Refining – Tank 426, 2011

Location, topographic and utility survey for product piping at Tank 426 in Tank Farm 2. Work included survey of refinery coordinate system. Establish refinery datum benchmarks, DOT excavation report.

Stickney Avenue Industrial – Acquisition 2011

Boundary and location survey of multi-parcel property including preparation of new metes-and-bounds legal descriptions for conveyance and Flood Elevation Certificate.

TRC Refining – Sulfur Track 1. 2011

On going monitoring of horizontal and vertical deflection of railroad tracks at Sulfur removal discharge.

TRC Refining – Product Line 10 -2011

Location, topographic and elevation survey for location of repairs to Number 10 pipeline in Tank Farm 2. Work includes identification of metal loss, welds, clock springs and coordination of repairs with DOT excavation report.

TRC Refining – H9101 Heater Demolition, 2011

Inspection of counterweight system, structural calculations for safe removal of counterweight, add-on ballast and integrity of C-channel supports.

TRC Refining – Dispensary Building Assessment, 2011

Inspection of existing Dispensary building at main refinery to determine structural integrity, energy efficiency, ADA compliance, code compliance and budget for repairs.

TRC Refining – Control Room 8, 2011

Design of entrance improvements for Control Room 8 at main refinery.

TRC Refining – Tank Farm 2, 2011

Establish horizontal control on Refinery master coordinate system and site benchmarks of Refinery Datum to allow for master planning of improvements at Tank Farm 2.

TRC Refining – Main Office Building,Safety Building, E & I Building,Trailer City

Architectural and mechanical improvements to first and second floors of Main Office building, Safety building and E & I building, including needs assessment, space planning and relocation of specialty office uses.

Nobel Automotive – Divestment 2011

Boundary survey and stake three parcel split. Preparation of metes-and-bounds legal descriptions, closure calculations, ingress / egress easement and exhibit drawings and sales map. LE project 44245.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery – Logistics Parcel Splits 2010

Split of transport fueling site and Pump Station #2, alley vacations, parcel consolidation, impervious area calculations, obtained approvals from City of Oregon and Lucas County.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery Sulfur Track 1 Railroad Improvements 2010

Alignment and grade of new sulfur track to ensure accurate railcar and filler alignment.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery Survey & Construction Control 2010

Perform high accuracy horizontal and vertical control network from Gate 1 Truck scale to Eastern limit of refinery. Resolved conflicts in prior datum conversion and established benchmarks to thousandths of a foot.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery Dike 131 2010

Topographic and location survey, of Dike at Tank 131. Identify all product lines and other utilities within dike limits. Design new embankment. As-built survey and volume calculations to ensure a 110% safety volume.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery Contractor Work Area 2010

Topographic, Utility and Location Survey of Contractor Shed work area. Ground Penetrating Radar to identify subgrade stability, Design Demolition Plan to ensure critical production equipment maintained and on-site supervision. As-built survey and Update TO-10 utility plans.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery Propane Drainage, 2010

Review field engineer modifications. Stake and grade Propane Emergency Storm line.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery Tank 504 2010

Construction staking and grade for new product line to Tank 504.

Norfolk-Southern, Canadian National, Amtrack, CSX Railways 2010

Boundary, Topographic, Utility and Location surveys in Albion, Michigan, St. Joseph, Michigan, New Buffalo, Michigan, Dowagiac, Michigan, Durand, Michigan, Royal Oak, Michigan, Birmingham, Michigan, Port Huron, Michigan, Pontiac Michigan, Lapeer, Michigan, Bryan, Ohio, Toledo, Ohio, Alliance, Ohio and Elyria, Ohio for ADA improvements. CSX Roadway Worker Protection, e-Rail Safe, CN Safety.

Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority- Tiffin Grade Separation & Relocated St. Lawrence Drive. 2010

Boundary, topographic, utility and location survey of 115 acre industrial site. Location of rail and appurtenances. Dedication Plats for Relocated Tiffin and Relocated St. Lawrence Drive, Civil Design of 3,700 linear feet of industrial roadway with appurtenances, site grading, storm water quantity and quality, water main, site grading and erosion control. Coordinate railroad radii, location and grading of embankment and ballast, ensuring proper cover over existing utilities and relocation of four petroleum and one large diameter heated asphalt pipeline. Quantity take-offs, coordination with City and County government and permitting and representation at Plan Commission.

BP – Husky Refinery, Oregon, Ohio, 2010

Delineate property line at Cedar Point Road and locate foreign lines at 150 Tank series to the Marine Pumping Station. Product lines electronically traced to determine alignment and depth.

Morton Salt- Rogue River and Toledo Arms Docks. 2010

Stockpile quantification and volumetric survey for end of season at the Rogue River, Detroit, Michigan and the Arms Dock in Toledo,Ohio.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery- 59 Line, 12” Product Strip Map, 2010

Route survey for a 12” product line from Sunoco Refinery, through Buckeye Pipeline pump station and terminating at BP-Husky Refinery. Survey included pipeline alignment, foreign utility crossing, road and rail crossing, depth verification, delineation of adjoining parcels and placement of line markers. Coordinate AGM location for smart-pig, create excavation report and civil design of replacement sections of pipeline.

Midwest Terminals- Toledo Port Authority Inter modal Facility, 2009

Civil Design of 78 acre Inter modal Facility including Master Plan, site geometrics, environmental compliance, flood plain modification, riparian buffers, representation at plan commission, permitting and ship to rail and road transfer and third party facilities. Coordinate railroad radii, location and grading of embankment and ballast.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery- 12” and 8” Dock Lines Product Strip Map, 2009

Route survey for 12” and 8” Dock Lines Sunoco Refinery to the break out tanks at the Maumee River. Survey included pipeline alignment, foreign utility crossing, road and rail crossing, depth verification, delineation of adjoining parcels and placement of line markers. Permitting with City, Norfolk-Southern Railway and CSX Railway. Coordinate AGM location for smart-pig, create excavation report and civil design of replacement sections of pipeline.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery- Flare Line, 2009

Location and digital analysis to 24” flare line to determine conduit slope per segment and facilitate maintenance plan.

Marathon Oil Speedway- New Build, Ann Arbor Mi, 2009

ALTA / ACSM Land Title Survey of 9.2 acre multi-parcel acquisition. Preparation of right-of-way dedication plan per municipal requirements. Traffic plan for drop lane and maintenance of traffic during construction.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery- Propane Storage Emergency Dousing, 2008

Location and topographic survey and civil design of Emergency Dousing of Propane Storage Area. Design work included water quantity calculations and design of water course.

North Cross Industrial Park,Lot 15- George Weston Bakeries, 2008

ALTA Survey and Civil Design for multi-bay logistics center. Work included geometrics, storm water design, erosion control & permitting.

North Cross Industrial Park Lot 4- Sullivan Moving and Storage, 2008

ALTA / ACSM Land Title Survey, flood plain compliance and Civil Design for parcel acquisition and building expansion.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery- DOT Pipelines,Toledo & Oregon, Ohio 2008

Survey of 54,100 linear feet of Department of Transportation product lines and prepare strip map. Services include alignment and depth, foreign utilities, detail of roadway and rail crossings, ArcGIS database, and preparation of strip map.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery- Proposed Office,Toledo & Oregon, Ohio, 2008.

Site investigation for new-build administration office and materials handling facility. Services include code compliance, permitting, geometrics, multi-site review, ADA compliance, timeline and budget.

Midwest Terminals- Toledo Port Authority, Toledo, Ohio, 2007

Boundary control, survey, legal descriptions, split drawings, title review, easement preparation and ArcGIS database for proposed ethanol facility at Port Authority Facility

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery- Toledo & Oregon, Ohio, 2007

Railroad Crossing Improvements at Woodville Road. Services include pavement design, concrete panel inner-track, quantity take-off, sub-grade improvements, maintenance of traffic and detour plans, permitting and construction supervision.

Sunoco Mid-American Refinery- Toledo & Oregon, 2007

Casing improvements to 12” product line. Services include delineation of utility conflicts, pavement replacement, roadway closure and maintenance of traffic, permitting and construction supervision.

Marathon Oil Speedway- New Build, Perrysburg, Ohio, 2007

Site geometrics, code compliance representation at plan commission and BZA, traffic study for proposed new build at Thompson and State Route 20.

Diamond Truck Stop- New Build, Lansing, Michigan, 2007

Boundary survey, code compliance for multi-parcel acquisition for new build.

Marathon Oil Speedway- Improvements to Detroit & Arlington, 2007

Parking improvements including pavement design, storm improvements, rain garden, erosion control, representation at plan commission and permitting.

Rent-All- Yard Improvements, Toledo, Ohio, 2007

Boundary, topographic, utility and location survey. Geometrics, site grading, storm sewer improvements, code compliance and permitting.

Buckeye Pipeline- Transportation Line, Perrysburg Township, 2007

Route survey, legal description and ArcGIS database of existing product transportation line.

Lake Erie Industrial Park- Carroll Township, Ottawa County,Ohio, 2007

ALTA / ACSM Land Title Survey of 73 acre, multi-parcel facility for a proposed Ethanol plant.

Marathon Oil- New Builds, Indiana & Michigan, 2007

Site Investigation Report for new build including zoning, tap fees, timeline, code compliance and site review for Ypsilanti and Taylor, Michigan and Angola, Indiana. Estimated Project Cost 4.2 M.

Decoma- Site Improvements,Toledo, 2007

Boundary, topographic, utility and location survey of industrial parcel. Design of additional pavement areas, storm improvements, loading docks and erosion control. Services include code compliance and construction staking.

Chrysler Corporation- Cooper Yard, 2007

Boundary and location survey, property splits, legal descriptions, plan commission and Wayne County Auditor approval of surplus property.

Marathon Oil- Re-build, Livonia, Michigan & Sylvania, Ohio 2007

Code Compliance and permitting for re-build of existing sites.

Chrysler Corporation- Sterling Heights Assembly, 2006

Topographic, utility and location survey of 288 acre parcel. Civil Design of 10,000 car shipping lot, 100 car employee lot, 75 space semi loading area, 7 rail railroad loading facility, 1600 sq ft new facility building, design entrance and loop roads, site grading, pavement rehabilitation, water, storm and sanitary lines, security fencing, code compliance and permitting. Work completed within 30 calendar days.

Chrysler Corporation- Jeep Parkway, 2006

ALTA / ACSM Land Title Survey of 110 acre multi-parcel site for divestment.

Chrysler Corporation- Warren Stamping and Assembly, 2005-2006

Boundary, topographic, utility and location survey of 340 acre parcel. Design demolition plan for selected pavement sections, 41 ADA spaces, 174 semi-trailer parking facility, 5 space semi queuing facility, new entrance drive and guardhouse, railroad track rehabilitation. Design work completed within 60 calendar days.

Chrysler Corporation Toledo North Assembly Supplier Park 2004-2005

Boundary & partial location survey of Toledo North Assembly Plant. Create metes-and-bounds legal descriptions with closure calculations and exhibit drawings for Kuka, Haden & Mobis parcels and ring road, 50’ water main, trestle, truck marshalling, detention pond, employee parking, fire line, sanitary and storm easements. Coordinated final plat drawing with City of Toledo.

Chrysler Corporation Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance, Dundee Michigan 2003-2005

ALTA / ACSM Land Title survey of 304 acre multi-parcel acquisition. Civil Design of rail spur, Master Substation Yard, Utility Center, Trailer City, rack storage, truck marshalling, 363 employee parking spaces, water main, sanitary and storm sewers, storm water quality and detention for 1,150,750 square foot manufacturing facility.

Chrysler Corporation- Crossdock at Ameriplex, Portage, Indiana, 2000

ALTA / ACSM Land Title Survey with elevations and full utilities of 26 acres site in Northwest Indiana. Civil Design of storm and sanitary sewers, water quantity and water quality, wetland delineation, site geometrics, security fencing, site grading and erosion control. Representation at Plan Commission, permitting and construction inspection.