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Lewandowski Engineers has been providing civil and environmental engineering services to Bowling Green State, Toledo and Lourdes Universities and Owens College since 1916. The firm is fiercely proud of the relationships established at these institutions and the improvements crafted on campus.

Lourdes University
Recreation Center, 2016

Site survey, project planning, geometric layout and civil design for new recreation center on the grounds at Lourdes College.  Civil work included design of sanitary and storm sewers, water line, detention and site grading.

Lourdes University
Canticle Center Parking Lot Expansion, 2015

Site survey, project planning and civil design for new expansion of existing parking lot to serve the new Canticle Center at Lourdes College.  Civil work included geometric layout, storm, detention and site grading plan.

Lourdes University
Mid-Campus Pedestrian Path and Main Campus Parking Upgrade, 2014

Site survey, project planning and civil design for new living quarters on the grounds at Lourdes College.  Civil work included demolition plan, design of sanitary and storm sewers, relocation of existing water

Lourdes University Franciscan Village 
Hydraulic Design Standards, 2012

Design GreenWater solutions for expansion of the Historic Campus, revisions to the dormitory campus and the design and development of the proposed Athletic Campus. Detailed analysis of flood plain, in-situ soils and hydraulic capacity of existing storm sewer networks. Recommendations as to the efficacy of Pervious Pavement, Pervious Concrete Pavers, Rain Gardens, Bio-Cells, Bio-swales, Underground Detention, Groundwater Recharge, organoclays and comparison of construction and maintenance costs to meet the goals of Low Impact and Sustainable Design within the Franciscan Village.

Lourdes University Our Lady of Grace Hall, 2011

Site survey, project planning and civil design for new living quarters on the grounds at Lourdes College. Civil work included demolition plan, design of sanitary and storm sewers, relocation of existing water main and tie-ins for adjacent storm, erosion control, site grading and roadway relocation.

University of Toledo Steam Plant Demolition

Site survey for demolition. Scope included the delineation of existing utilities to remain in service and those to be removed. Work performed on University of Toledo horizontal datum.

Lourdes College Cafeteria Addition, 2011

Location, topographic and utility location survey of West side of Mother Adelaide Hall for the cafeteria addition. Work included televising sanitary sewers and electronic tracing of gas mains. Civil design of storm and sanitary sewers, water main and erosion control. LE project 44240.

Owens College

Penta Acquisition, 2009

ALTA / ACSM Land Title Survey of 56.38 acre Penta County acquisition. LE project 42061.

Bowling Green State University Doyt Perry Synthetic Turf, 2007

Designed placement of11,000 sq yds FieldTurf “DuroSpine” monofilament synthetic grass system and 11,000 yards of geotextile separation fabric over 2,400 cu yds aggregate base with 6,200 linear feet of subgrade drainage. Services included site survey, on-site placement and quantity check. Project budget 1.15 M.

Owens Community College

Airplane Routing, Perrysburg Township, 2007

Location and utility survey, geometrics and ArcGIS database for over land transportation of 747 Airplane to be used in the college’s disaster training facility. Services included route planning, utility coordination, code compliance, ODOT permitting and coordination of multi-jurisdictional fire and police routing.

Bowling Green State University Running Track Compliance, 2007

Field verify that running track improvements are within construction and NCAA compliance.

Lourdes College Delp Center, 2007

Topographic, utility and location survey of 29.3 acre parcel. Design of storm network including energy dissipation and erosion control.

Bowling Green State University

NCAA Competition Tennis Courts, 2007

Survey, design and construction supervision of BGSU’s varsity competition tennis courts. Services include pavement and drainage design, line marking, dimensioning, erosion control and USTA and NCAA compliance.

University of Toledo

NCAA Competition Tennis Courts, 2005

Rehabilitation of existing 37,500 sq ft. varsity courts, Design of asphalt mix for leveling and surface course and acrylic playing surface, drainage improvements to address frost heave at perimeter fence and net sleeves. Courts to meet USTA and NCAA compliance. Project Cost $103 K.

University of Toledo NCAA Competition Running Track, 2005

Lewandowski Engineers teamed with H.O.K. Sports of Kansas City, Mo. And Paige Design of Bahama, Nc. for rehabilitation of existing 44,850 sq ft running track and 104,732 sq ft infield. Services include demolition specifications for synthetic surface and asphalt base course. Design of leveling and wear course, underdrain improvements, curbing, safety fence and field events areas.

University of Toledo NCAA Competition Soccer Field, 2004

Paige Design, H.O.K. Sports and Lewandowski Engineers joined to design the varsity soccer field improvements. Services included site survey, facility evaluation and new drainage infrastructure, quantity take-off, cost estimate and construction supervision.


University of Toledo The Crossings, 2002

Location, topographic and utility survey for expansion of the Crossings Dormitories. Project included delineation of Toledo-Ann Arbor Railroad right-of-way and bus turning radius.

University of Toledo Master GIS / GPS Coordinate System, 2002

Lewandowski Engineers developed the University’s master horizontal coordinate system and vertical datum for the Main and Scott Park campuses. Scope included centerline monumentation of adjacent streets, establishment of permanent control and benchmarks referenced to NAVD-88, Lucas County, FEMA and City of Toledo data.