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Due Diligence

Lewandowski Engineers has a 100 year history of assisting public and private entities meet their due diligence thresholds associated with site selection and property acquisition. We are proud to be a recognized regional leader in the preparation of ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys, title review, zoning compliance, traffic impact studies and utility availability.

With strong input from our commercial and industrial partners, the firm has developed a detailed matrix of site selection attributes that serves as a project’s pace setter by detailing site constraints, submission requirements, construction guidelines, permit fees and timelines.

The Site Investigation Report highlights planning and zoning challenges, access limitations, utility capacity, and provides detailed design constrains associated with storm water management, site lighting, signage, landscaping, architectural review and maximum coverage ratio, as well as defines tap, impact and system development fees. The document defines the reviewing agencies submission deadlines, meeting dates and includes a site plan check list and Gantt chart.

Environmental due diligence provided by the firm includes Phase I Environmental Audits, Wetland Delineation, Flood Zone and Water Shed analysis and permitting on the local, state and federal level.