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Roadway Design

Lewandowski Engineers utilizes a combination of the American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials,(AASHTO) and city/county requirements along with computer modeling to design roadways for residential, light commercial and heavy industrial areas. Parking lots and truck dock areas are checked for maneuverability using computer modeling of vehicles from passenger cars to semi tractor/trailer combinations. The semi tractor/trailer combinations can be specially designed for the type of trucks that will be utilizing the docks.

Site layouts are designed to produce the maximum efficiency of the available land with designed building, parking, zoning and landscape requirements. Lewandowski Engineers can provide full color exhibits and presentations to the developer, owner, and plan commission in order to demonstrate how the facility will function and meet all the requirements.

Pavement Design

Lewandowski Engineers specifies a combination of flexible along with plain and reinforced concrete pavements to provide a long lasting economical pavement. In areas of poor sub grade soils, various options, such as geosynthetics and/or undercutting, are investigated to determine the best solution. Pavement grading is designed, using AutoCAD with Softdesk, to minimize cut and fill while providing the required drainage for the specific site. Pavement rehabilitation projects are designed by analyzing the existing pavement composition, the apparent failure of the pavement, and the history of similar pavements to determine if the rehabilitation is to be a grind and resurface, partial pavement replacement, or a full depth pavement replacement. Existing pavement grading is checked in order to correct cross-slopes and longitudinal percent grades that do not meet minimum requirements.

Storm Design

Lewandowski Engineers’ extensive experience in the design of storm water management facilities includes the design of retention/detention areas with long term retention of the “first flush” and detention above the required first flush. The “first flush” is retained over a period of 24-48 hours with an overflow meter pipe to handle larger storms. The firm also uses a combination of other water quality/water quantity devices in order to meet the growing number of stricter storm watermanagement requirements. Oil/water separators, catch basins with sumps, and oversized storm sewers have been used to meet the new requirements for sites with restricted above-ground detention areas.

Sanitary Sewer Design

Lewandowski Engineers uses a combination of sanitary sewer systems including force mains; lift stations; gravity sewers, and septic tanks with leach beds in order to serve our clients’ varying needs. Our design staff is experienced in the design of sanitary sewer systems for industrial parks, residential subdivisions, industrial/commercial sites, and private residential lots in accordance with the 10 states standards. Whether your project is a multi-building industrial site, sewer upgrade, or a residential single-user pump station we can take care of your project from design through local and EPA permitting and construction supervision.

Water Line Design

Lewandowski Engineers’ experienced design staff will work with you to design a water distribution system that fulfills your potable and fire main water requirements. We work with the local fire inspector along with your architect and insurance carrier in order to design a system that meets the local code, facility needs, and policy requirements. The firm’s design staff is experienced in the design of systems for industrial plats, residential plats, industrial sites and commercial sites.

Site Grading

Lewandowski Engineers can design a site-grading plan for your project whether it is a 60-acre industrial facility, new public roadway, commercial site, or a residential lot. When setting grades for a site, our design staff takes into account your specific requirements, such as visibility from the street, drainage, cut and fill balancing, and type of use of the project. When a site does not require street visibility, they balance the site in order to reduce the amount of earthwork required; however, when the site requires street visibility, Lewandowski Engineers works from the street elevation in order to ensure that the client’s facility is seen.

Geotechnical Design

Lewandowski Engineers uses a variety of geotextiles along with retaining wall systems in order to achieve the design loading required by the client.

Sewage Treatment Facilities

Lewandowski Engineers uses state-of-the-art equipment in order to design sewage treatment facilities that are appropriate for our client’s needs. We also inspect and make design modification recommendations for existing facilities.

Traffic Impact Studies

Lewandowski Engineers works with their clients and local traffic engineers in order to assess the current traffic flow and anticipate future traffic demands. The traffic impact studies are based on the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) guidelines, as well as with actual traffic data provided by the local traffic engineer or by their staff. The firm then prepares their report based on the information collected and calculated and then makes recommendations for the development of the existing and proposed roadways.